MISA is the bassist of the band.
Official Twitter: @misa_bandmaid
Official Instagram: @misa_bandmaid

Despite once wearing a traditional maid uniform, she now wears long black dresses instead, or ‘Assassin (殺し屋) Maid Outfit’ [3] – and don’t expect her to say much.

Her Maid ‘charm point’ is that she likes to drink alcohol.[3]

The band members describe her as usually being quiet and mysterious. They say that she’s usually paying close attention to the monitors during rehearsal and tries to be as serious as possible.[3]

MISA attended the same music school as Akane and when the band needed a bassist Akane asked MISA to join BAND-MAID. [3] You can read more about this in our ‘About Band-Maid‘ section.

MISA is known to like her whiskey, on the rocks or straight, and she also likes to drink during concerts. She has a hip flask or a “my bottle” which she keeps in her pocket. [2]

When she was asked “What do you usually think about?” MISA replied simply, “I want to drink”[3]

She believes that the maid costumes show a great contrast between the music and their appearance,
“I like how the costumes are a contrast — in a good way — from our hard rock, heavy songs and the personality we get to show in our live performances.” (MISA to jrock247, 2015)[1]

Starting with the piano at the age of 3 or 4, MISA has played instruments ever since she was a child and has been playing in bands since 2008. “I’ve been playing in bands for about 7 years but I’ve been playing musical instruments ever since I was 3 or 4 years old. I started on piano.”(MISA to jrock247, 2015)[1]

Despite being an excellent bassist MISA can empathise with people who may doubt their ability,
“It’s natural to think ‘Can young-looking, cute girls really play such a heavy sound or play the double bass drums?’ I think. If I was just a bystander my response would probably be the same.” (MISA to jrock247, 2015)[1]

“I want to have live shows overseas. And I want to drink good alcohol and eat pizza, meat, etc.”[1]



MISA says that on YouTube she likes to watch instruction videos for kick boards.[1]
MISA is inspired by The Smashing Pumpkins[4]

MISA attended Tokyo School of Music (TSM) with Akane.[4][5] 




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Written by Kasa