Akane Hirose 廣瀬 茜

Akane is the drummer of the band.
Official Twitter: @achi_bandmaid

Akane is the band leader and is in charge of organising the band’s rehearsal and performances – “They put a lot of trust in me!” (Akane to jrock247, 2015)[1]

Akane usually wears a black and white maid uniform, as well as a small hat.

Her Maid ‘charm point’ is that she has a really big appetite: She boasts that she can eat 5 bowls of ramen, 30 plates in a Kaiten Sushi and 130 bowls of soba! [8]

The band members describe her as being the most organised and normal of the group. [9]
Kanami first introduced Akane to the band, who in turn introduced bassist MISA, whom she had been going to music school with. [11][9]
You can read more about this in our ‘About Band-Maid‘ section.

When Akane first found out that the band would be wearing maid outfits she was initially apprehensive, “Could you let me think this over it just once?”, but, after hearing the heavy rock sound, the contrast intrigued her and she agreed.[9]

She is known to set the mood for rehearsals, advising each band member on their performance skills. She is determined to remove the stereotype that young girls can’t play rock music or use their own instruments, “Crush that prejudice. Just crush it.” (Akane to jrock247, 2015)[1]
which she believes she can prove wrong during their live performances.

Akane is a talented musician who has been playing the piano for 4 years, the trombone for 5 years and drums for 6 years.

“I want to continue to break the walls between genres, and continue to do things no one else but BAND-MAID can do!”[1]

Other Projects

Akane is also a member of an acoustic band called もちとちーず [6] (Rice-cakes and Cheese) with Kanami, where she plays the cajón (a Peruvian box-shaped percussion instrument, played with the hands), as well as DJing at various nightclubs under the stagename ‘DJ Achi’[5] (her nickname through high-school).


Akane likes to watch drumming videos on YouTube, including drum covers and drum performance videos.[1]

Akane was inspired by Japanese bands like Maximum The Hormone and Western bands like Deep Purple[10]

Akane attended Tokyo School of Music(TSM) with MISA.

Akane loves Anime, listing Attack On Titan, Evangelion, Gin Tama and Osomatsu-San as her favourites.[10]

Akane has a pet cat named Kururu[2] [3]
Akane is a big fan of Snoopy![7]
When Akane injured her back and could not play the drums fans supported her by sending her their signed drumsticks[4]


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Written by Kasa