Kanami Tono 遠乃歌波

Kanami is the guitarist of the band.1463392608456
Official Twitter: @kanami_bandmaid
She usually wears a black and white maid outfit with a lace bonnet and prefers to be called ‘Kanamincho'(or Mincho, for short).

Her Maid ‘charm points’ are her big, cute eyes.[2]

The band members describe Kanami as a strange, natural airhead, clueless to situations and she’s just as you see her.[3] However, when it comes to rehearsing she is the serious one of the group, usually being the moderator and keeping everyone in check.[1]

Kanami was approached to join the band by Miku, after Miku had discovered her online through a guitar cover video.[3] You can read more about this in our ‘About Band-Maid‘ section.

Kanami likes the idea of maid outfits and believes that they show how unique each member is.
“Not all BAND-MAID members wear really frilly maid costumes. We each have our own style, so our maid costumes match each member’s personality. I like how it looks cute and gives a lady-like impression.” (Kanami to jrock247, 2015)[1]

A skilled musician, Kanami has played the piano for 15 years and the guitar for 8 years.[1]
Kanami is also a singer-songwriter and used to play guitar and sing at the same time. Although they weren’t a band, Akane supported her with the drums – Kanami then invited Akane to join her in Band-Maid.[3]

“That’s right. We’re really playing! It’s not air-guitar! We practice so hard every day! (laughs)”

Other Projects

Kanami is also a member of an acoustic band called もちとちーず [4] (Rice-cakes and Cheese) with Akane, where she plays the acoustic guitar.


Kanami’s inspiration for playing the guitar is Carlos Santana[1] [5], a Mexican and American guitarist who was popular around the late 60s, early 70s.

Kanami is also a big fan of Saiki, saying that she loves her personality and her performances. She thinks Saiki is very cool and strong-willed. When Kanami does a guitar solo, she will lean back and look at Saiki, hoping that Saiki finds her cool,
“I think “Sai-Chan! Sai-Chan!”” (Kanami to Music Gold Rush, 2016)
She even had Saiki as her phone background photo, admits to secretly taking photos of her and thinks that her hands are pretty.

In her free time Kanami likes to read books and have a coffee in Daikanyama. She has read books by Dale Carnegie as well as books about self-improving and psychological genres – she likes to highlight her books with marker pens so as to make sure that she fully understands them. When she finds quotes and phrases that she likes she compiles them into PDF files on her computer and then puts them on her smartphone. [3]


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Written by Kasa