Miku Kobato 小鳩ミク

1463392635901Miku is the frontwoman of Band-Maid. She sings and plays guitar.
Official Twitter: @miku_bandmaid
Official Instagram: @kobatomiku

Miku usually sports a traditional white and black maid outfit, with a red rose in her hair, and admits to goofing off regularly during rehearsals.[1]

Her Maid ‘charm point’ is that she is a pigeon”-po!”, with her “Kuruppo!” catchphrase.[8]

Kanami described Miku as a “cute girl but like a middle aged man inside” partly due to the fact that she often eats dried salmon. The band members describe her as the weirder and more lively one of the bunch; She suddenly becomes playful, has a tendency to disappear and is clumsy (Saiki tells a story of when she spilled water down the stairs then fell down them) and is therefore usually covered in bruises and wounds. [10]

Miku is the member that founded Band-Maid. “I used to work at a maid cafe, and I thought ‘I want a band!’ So it became BAND-MAID — maids in a band![…]I want to show ‘We’re not just the look!’!!”
(Miku to jrock247, 2015)[1]

miku-noodolMiku served for three years as a maid in a Maid Café [8]  and will occasionally make a guest appearance at the Noodol-Cafe.[2][4]

She first approached Kanami about the band, who then introduced Akane and so on. You can read more about this in our ‘About Band-Maid‘ section.

Miku has loved singing since she was small and says that she was a child who would sing anywhere. Around 2012 Miku attended singing school but only started playing the guitar in 2013.[1]

When asked about her biggest challenge Miku said,“Of course the challenge is singing to the rhythm and singing with emotion but it’s really about feeling good. I’m not that good with the guitar so I try so hard not to focus on the guitar all the time. (laughs)”(Miku to jrock247, 2015)

Other Projects

riru-kuminIn 2012, Miku was part of a three girl idol group called リル・クミン(Lil Cumin)[5];

On the website her profile read (English translation):
Real name: Mika Noguchi
Nickname: Mikapon
Birthday: 21/10/1991
Hometown: Kumamoto
Height: 155cm
Blood type: A
Star sign: Libra
Favourite Food: Strawberries, Soy Milk, Green tea
Favourite word/motto: ‘Do not give up’
Hobbies: Looking for delicious strawberry cakes, karaoke, collecting Kuma-Chan
Specialty: love rice, drawing Miffy
Member colour: Yellow
Message: Smile at a lot of people, be healthy, we will work hard to give our best Moe.



Miku has a brother[7].

Miku has a love of horses and thus likes to attend horse races once a week to watch them (sometimes with Saiki). She even asked Akane to make her a birthday cake of Turfy, the Japan Racing Association (JRA) mascot. She occasionally bets but she mainly just likes to watch them eat and run.[10]

Miku has a pet cat named とら (Tora) (which means Tiger)[11]

Miku says that she likes to watch YouTube videos of comedies, TV shows and horse racing.

Miku was inspired by traditional Japanese Enka singing.[12]


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Written by Kasa