Saiki Atsumi 厚見 彩姫

1463392615056Saiki is the lead vocal of the band.
Official Twitter: @saiki_bandmaid
Official Instagram: @saiki_bandmaid

With a cool and badass demeanour, she usually sports an entirely black maid uniform with a blue rose in her hair – She may look like a maid but she won’t give you a maid greeting and she certainly doesn’t have a Maid ‘charm point’. [4]

The band members describe Saiki as sometimes harsh and distant but kind of like a princess – she acts coldly to Miku (sometimes playfully kicking her), but very kindly to Kanami (and ties her bonnet on for her).
Saiki joined the band through an audition, as Miku believed her own vocals were not strong enough and that the band would benefit from another singer (as well as liking Saiki’s vocal style).[5] You can read more about this in our ‘About Band-Maid‘ section.

Saiki was not intitially told about the maid costumes as Miku felt she may not join. Instead, Saiki was told they would simply be wearing ‘cute clothes’. She only found out when she got in the studio for the first time and was taken by surprise – she hated her apron and discarded it.[5]

Despite this being her first time in a band, Saiki has been singing solo since she was 14. She would sometimes sing and dance as well as perform as part of a back-up band.[5]

Her debut performance with Band-Maid was at P-SAI(P祭) on August 22 2013.  Three days prior to that she appeared under her full name in a play called Blue Moon Night(青い月の夜)[6]

Saiki belives that the music video for Real Existence is the perfect representation of the band.
“I think that it shows the contrast, which is our band’s concept, rather than a connection to the song. Plus it’s a setting that fits Japan.” (Saiki to jrock247)[1]

Saiki believes that people are apprehensive at first when they see the band in their Maid costumes and this is why people don’t believe that they play their own instruments. “We’re looked down upon because of our look, I guess but we get to change people’s minds.”(Saiki to jrock247)

She also expresses the ambition to go global as well as enjoying music as much as possible.
Though she doesn’t have a specific inspiration for her singing, Saiki tries her hardest and always practices singing, her current voice being a result of this hard work.[1]

Writer’s note – People always ask why Saiki’s voice sounds hoarse during interviews. This is due to strain after singing but we hear that Saiki has been working hard to protect her voice – which we believe has worked well, judging from the 2016 European Tour.


Saiki is a big fan of Sailor Moon.

saiki-twitterSaiki’s Twitter banner, with Sailor Moon.

Saiki occasionally attends horse racing with Miku, where she likes to place bets.[5]

Saiki also enjoys shopping for clothing in apparel shops as well as getting her nails done. [5]

saiki-sailormoonAkane made Saiki a Sailor Moon cake for her birthday.

Saiki has a pet cat/family cat named らく’Raku’ [2]


Written by Kasa